In 1996, The Neon Museum officially “opened” with the installation of its first refurbished sign, the Hacienda Horse and Rider, at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street.  In 2023, The City of Las Vegas completed the restoration, reinstallation and reillumination of the 15 neon signs collectively known as The Las Vegas Boulevard Scenic Byway Project.

The signs are owned by the city of Las Vegas, The Neon Museum and YESCO Custom Electric Signs, and now create a complete neon streetscape beginning with the gateway arches and showgirl signage all the way up Las Vegas Boulevard to The Neon Museum and Washington Avenue.

CO 7771 Neon Signage Map

Signs in the Scenic Byway Project

Par-A-Dice, 1953, installed just north of Oakey Boulevard;


Apache Motel, 1965, installed north of Bridger Avenue;


Golden Inn Motel, 1960, installed south of Bridger;


Clark Inn, 1962, installed north of Clark Avenue;

Lone Palm Motel, 1954, installed north of Garces Avenue;


Domino Motel, 1960s, installed north of Hoover Avenue;


Fun City Motel, 1952, installed just south of Charleston Boulevard;


Rummel Motel, 1968, installed south of Oakey.


The Horseshoe Casino, 1951, now located just north of Washington;


Silver Slipper Casino, 1950, now located near the Neon Museum at McWilliams Avenue;


Bow and Arrow Motel, 1950s, now located south of McWilliams;


Society Cleaners, 1946, now located just south of U.S. 95/Interstate 515;


Normandie Motel, 1940s, now located just north of Stewart Avenue;


Lucky Cuss Motel, 1955, now located just south of Stewart;


Hacienda Casino, 1956, now located at Fremont Street.


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